Steph And Her Epic Endeavours
I was watching Boa's stream yesterday, and I think she said she was listening to one of your fanmix playlists. Where would I find this playlist?

All my playlists are here:

I take it Boa was listening to either 'The Devil Within (Dark!Sirs)' or 'You are and always shall be, my friend (Yoglabs)'

I have a few more upcoming soon, as well as some from a while back. Enjoy!



Myself and siins are organizing a meetup while Siins is visiting!

The 3rd August we’re sticking around Leicester Square all day. We’ll be sitting down by the grassy area at about 11am/12pm.

You’re also very welcome to join us to see the Frozen sing-a-long at the Prince Charles Cinema (provided there are seats left for it? I’m not sure) Either way afterward we’ll probably grab some food and return to the original meet area to hang out for a few hours C:

The 5th August is really a day that I’m showing Siins around London so the meet won’t be until about 5/6pm. This meet is at Russell Square

We’ll most likely be drawing, talking, and taking photos and generally interacting with everyone. I’ll edit this post if myself and Siins make any changes. Unlikely but you never know! C: I hope to see some of you either of these days!


In hopes of getting a bit more cash to maybe give some stuff away at meetups next week I’ve lowered the prices for card commissions ;>


I’ve been meaning to start doing actual hand-drawn commissions, people seemed interested so here we go!

So there’s two types for £8:

  • Stylized in monotone and colour background
  • Cartoon in flat colour

And £10:

  • Stylized and is shaded

Contact me via (please title email as “Commission”) Or VIA MY ASK BOX

  • Payment is upfront and is in Great British Pounds (GBP) via Paypal
  • I’m open for drawing any characters/oc’s/people
  • You can commission more than one at a time, I really don’t mind
  • You have to be willing to give me your address to send it to you!

I’m pretty excited to see what kind of feedback I get with these since it’s something new for me really! I can also really do with the money to buy a new headset <:

A Direboar Dark souls

A Direboar Dark souls

This thing was creepy as heck i stg.

This thing was creepy as heck i stg.

aww man i really wanted to go to yours and siins' meetup thing but it's on the two days of the week that i can't go :@ will you ever do one of these again?

Maybe? I don’t know when I’ll do one in London next but I know I wanna meet with people at Insomnia52 if you’re going to that, anon

There&#8217;s no hating colour on my watch, Ravs (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

There’s no hating colour on my watch, Ravs (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

Ravs was complaining about chat being &#8221;too colourful&#8221;

Ravs was complaining about chat being ”too colourful”

The Devil Within
amazingly I&#8217;m not gonna post up all the songs. There&#8217;s like 20, okay?! gee

The Devil Within

amazingly I’m not gonna post up all the songs. There’s like 20, okay?! gee

sketchy sketch

sketchy sketch